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The NCDC and Antonio's Shady Policies


New Member
Jul 1, 2019
Hey there! I apologise for the rant. I just really want to get this out.

I first want to say that I'm not calling everyone in the NCDC shady. Jason is quite transparent, but in Antonio's own words, Jason is only a worker and is not in charge of the company. I recommend that Jason leaves the company ASAP, but that is completely up to him.

The NCDC Trust has two sides and everyone should know about both. The NCDC shows themselves as a company who loves to help people and build public works, but they really just want money. And when I say "they," I really mean Antonio.

When we decided to make the fairgrounds for the NCDC expo, Antonio and I agreed that it would be a city building where the NCDC could rent it along with anyone else. At the end of the expo, Antonio told me he had no recollection of this agreement, and since 2/3 people building it were in the NCDC and I never wrote down that the fairgrounds were a state building, it should belong to NCDC. After some argument, we agreed apon this. Shortly after this agreement, Antonio informed me that he actually had remembered our earlier agreement and he just wanted the extra revenue from owning the fairgrounds instead of it being owned by the City.

Because Jason is not an executive at NCDC, when he built the NCDC skyscraper, the most recognition he got was That's Cool, Thanks.

Antonio does not keep money seperate between his companies. This includes NCDC, NCDC Trust, and previously I&B. He shared money between them. Tax money is only supposed to go to the NCDC Trust, but Antonio does not count how much tax money he receives, which means all companies he runs have access to all tax money.

While some of my grievances may seem invalid, I definitely believe that this is valid. Antonio sees public works as NCDC buildings. He sees these as profit, not public works. According to Antonio, every public work the NCDC trust makes is completely owned by the NCDC, not by the community. For example, while the fairgrounds should be a cheap way to setup an event while raising some funds for the NCDC, Antonio has designed their pricing to make them as much money as possible. The pricing is exponential for each extra stall you use for your event. It is not feasible to make a big event at the fairgrounds unless you are a huge company with lots of money.

With all of these complaints, I believe that the NCDC Trust is not the good company that it pretends to be.

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Henry Horst

New Member
Aug 4, 2019
I agree with this. While the NCDC does do some good things, I feel like a lot of there events and other things were only ways to get profits.
I would also like to point out how the NCDC is making all of these huge buildings, some of them have nothing in them and are just being used.
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New Member
Jul 12, 2019
For the record, after having released my rebuttals and having verbally explained to Henry the situation, he completely agreed with me and agreed that not only did the NCDC do nothing wrong, but it is Gavin who was acting immorally.
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