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Approved Speentie8081's Head Developer Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by Speentie8081, Sep 23, 2018.

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  1. Speentie8081

    Speentie8081 Administrator Staff Member

    What is your in game username on the server?

    What staff rank are you applying for?
    Head Developer

    How long have you been playing minecraft?
    7 years

    What is your form of communication outside of the server?
    You can reach me via Facebook, Discord, Skype, Gmail, Hangouts, and Trillian.

    Have you met the minimum playtime requirement?
    Yes, however the playtime estimate is far off because of a reset done in march.

    What are your talents that can benefit the server?
    I am very good at developing advanced minecraft plugins in reasonable time, with attention to the finest details. I have 6 years of experience programming in java and I am okay working with other developers to get the job done. I also have a lot of experience administrating servers, and with that experience I can maintain the server very well and help other staff out whenever needed. I am also very good at deescalating heated arguments between players on the server so that everyone can have an enjoyable time on the server.

    What would you do if someone came on and started hacking?
    At first sight i'd notify staff immediately of the situation, but not take immediate action. The reason being, it's always best to collect as much evidence as possible before taking action against the person. I'd gather video evidence, anti-cheat logs, and chat logs if applicable and make a full ban report before banning the offending player from the server temporarily for a set amount of time. If however the staff are supposed to warn the player instead of banning them in this case scenario, then i'd again take as much evidence as possible but this time noting down the rules he or she is violating and then when I feel confident enough I can warn the player for every rule he's violated preferably up to the warning threshold for a permanent ban.

    If you found out there was a bug that a player was exploiting, how would you handle it?
    At first sight i'd notify the other developers of the bug with as much information about the issue as possible, but again not take immediate action. If the abuser is affecting other players with the bug, however, i'd warn the player immediately to hopefully stop the player from further abusing the bug. Preferably though, i'd watch the player for a few hours until the bug is fixed to make sure that the bug the player is abusing isn't giving the player any unfair advantages on the server.

    What is your reason for becoming staff on the server?
    As founder of the server I would like to still be a part of the server even though I gave the server to @BarelyMoist and @FrostLord. I feel that even with my lack of active hours during the week I could still be a great addition to the server and help out whenever needed. I'm a strong developer and very good at managing a team of developers to get the job done.

    How many hours can you play during a week, and why?
    I can manage roughly 6 hours of playtime per week, and that's because of a very tight schedule in real life. I have school like many other people do, and that takes up a huge chunk of my free time. I also have therapy with takes up the rest of my free time on most days of the week. I will however be a lot more active next spring after a lot of stuff clears up in my life. I am very good at scheduling though, so I can manage to get a lot of work done in the few hours I am helping the server.

    Do you have a premium rank on the server from donating?

    As owner I couldn't buy a rank from my own server, however I did donate to the server hundreds of dollars in previous years to keep the server alive through hard times. Now that I am no longer the owner of the server, I can buy a rank though as soon as the shop is back online. I'm hoping that the new owners @BarelyMoist and @FrostLord can get the buy-craft up and running again soon, that way my friends and I can donate once more.​
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  2. Kolli40000xXx

    Kolli40000xXx Moderator Staff Member

    Application accepted speeintie.
  3. FrostLord

    FrostLord Moderator Staff Member

    Accepted with flying colors, welcome to Skorr.
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