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Regarding the prospect of the server going private

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As you may know, there are constantly people joining and either trolling staff or straight up causing havoc on the server that otherwise would not be. This is not an issue and can be easily dealt with but it becomes worse when they interfere with the existing player base and make them uncomfortable. I have received several emails over the years from parents complaining that their kids have been exposed to very rude people on our server and they immediately pull their kids from the server never to be seen again. This has been a huge issue lately as more and more very inappropriate people keep joining. It has been brought to my attention that it has been over 12 months since anyone has joined and stayed, and with that said we have a large player base of long-time players that would never leave if they had the chance. All the new players that have joined in the last 12 months have either quit within 15 minutes of trolling or hacking or stayed for a few days and never settled in, and all this has done is made the existing player base more and more annoyed. With the return of the old factions and dynmap we cannot risk unruly players messing up everything. It has been voted that the server should go private after 6 years of running public, that way we can enjoy ourselves and not have to explain ourselves over and over again to new players that won't even stay. To sum it up, the server is going private for the sake of the existing players and for the sake of the server as a whole. Registration can be made right after you sign up for the forums and learn the basic forum functions, after that you will be whitelisted and you can enjoy yourself. This new amendment to the server will be phased in over the next few weeks, over which I hope most of the players will have already registered.

I will follow this up with a rough draft of the registration application format and explain why the format is what it is and explain throughly why each question is asked and accounted for. If you feel that this application is too intrusive even after reading the explanations behind it below then do not bother applying since you most likely would be offended by everything anyone could ever think of in a minecraft server anyway.
  • What is your in-game username?
  • This is asked to clarify to the staff what your username is so we can put you on the whitelist if you are accepted on to our private server, this is subject to change of course and if you change your username you must notify the staff as soon as possible.
  • How old are you (type n/a to not share)?
  • This is very important for us to know so that we can clarify to other people on the server to not act inappropriately around you if you may be a minor, and on the flipside if the others' are allowed to if you are of age to be subject to such. The types of complaints we get from parents caused by us simply not knowing their kids age and their kid not being accounted for is outstanding.
  • What time zone do you live in?
  • This is not important for the staff to know but merely for other players to assess if they are looking to be your partner so they know which hours you would be online so they can plan ahead. If you were looking to be a helpful community member though it is however important for the staff to know when you would be on to help out, but in most cases this is superfluous and not important for us to know so simply negating this information is reasonsable.
  • How much time during the week will you be able to dedicate?
  • This again is not important for us to know but gives an idea to other players how often you might be on so they can assess if you would be a good partner. In most cases this again is superfluous and can be left out of your application.
  • What is your primary form of communication (incl. contact deets)?
  • This is one of the questions that is important to answer as clearly and precisely as possible, since communication is number one priority on the server especially if there is planned maintence. This is not only very useful for the staff to know so the staff can reach out to you for announcements but also important for other players to know if they want to be your partner or friend.
  • Do you speak fluent English?
  • If you do not speak fluent English you will not be accepted, this is an English speaking server with English speaking players and we do not have time to deal with translation when we have better things to do. If you cannot speak English do not bother applying for the server.
  • What past experience do you have being a helpful community member?
  • This is a personal question and can be left out if deemed inappropriate, but most players like to share their experiences and how they have been very helpful and nice to other players on other servers.
  • Other information you feel might be considered?
  • If you feel as though the information you provided might get you not accepted, write here why you feel you should be accepted and give reasoning to back it up. Otherwise you can use this section to brag about yourself- in a good way of course.
  • Closing statements?
  • An example would be "Gentlemen, I hope to see you on the server!"
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Not open for further replies.
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