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Rebuttal to Gavin's Rant, Part 1: Essay Rebuttal


New Member
Jul 12, 2019
First of all, I would like to thank Gavin for publishing his rant. While it essentially shits on me and what I’ve built, it makes some fairly good points that I think I am obligated to answer to. His entire point on the Fairgrounds was a fair one, but I did nothing of illegal nature. While this may seem irrelevant, his other points are describing something very illegal. So, I feel it is important to say that this point is valid, yet not illegal. Also, our final deal was a compromise, making it so the NCDC did own it, but it had some regulations of its own. Also, Gavin did help build the fairgrounds, but I do recall (and I stuck to this even after our argument), us deciding that this was an NCDC Project. Whether we owned it or not. But, moving on, I believe that shady and downright immoral business practices are not unknown to Gavin’s company: CrazyCo. It almost seems brave to say one company is completely after money, and also be in CrazyCo. But my rant is not to attack anyone, it is to defend. Though I will criticize CrazyCo, I will not do it with the intent of harming the company, considering the ties it has with the NCDC. This is not like Gavin’s rant, which advised Jason to leave my company. Gavin’s rant was to damage, mine is to examine. You may also notice I am not saying NCDC Trust. Gavin may have confused people, but the one company, two systems policy has been abolished and had been abolished before he published his rant. It is true he was criticizing the company before the changes, but the effects of his rant, such as Jason quitting, would be felt NOW, and not in the past, so I feel like that is worth mentioning. Many people, including Gavin, have criticized me for my tax policies. I was originally against taxes, because of the feasibility. In the US, we have contractors who are paid by taxes to do things, but we had no such systems in Nexus City, and thus, taxes were useless. In an attempt to not have a system, where the government had money, but no way to spend it, I turned my Master Builders company into the two systems Gavin is describing. My only goal was to not have taxes be useless. In case people don’t know, the 1.11 dollars we received from taxes were used to build Grand Bazaar, an NCDC Trust Project at the time. It is untrue that I&B took the money, and it is untrue that the NCDC Private Branch took the money. Most NCDC Projects were funded by the Business Expo, including Jason’s work. Speaking of Jason, people call him a slave when really it’s like this: Jason chooses what to build, when, where, and for what purpose. I fund him with the very little money we get from fundraisers (and not taxes, since I ABOLISHED them), and every month, I pay him 200$. Speaking of taxes, if I was trying to use them for malintent, why would I completely abolish them? It makes very little sense. I realized the first time I collected taxes, that it was not only inefficient and pointless, but it also produced very little revenue. And to Gavin’s point of me charging a lot, that is true, but it is because, unlike CrazyCo, I rarely use my personal money in the company, as that tends to look bad, and the NCDC does NOT sell things. Our revenue comes from fundraisers, and because of your rant, we may even lose those. So don’t complain when I end up using money from skyblock just so I can build our headquarters because it’s people like you who make our system useless. Anyway, to Gavin’s next point: “Antonio does not keep money separate between his companies. This includes NCDC, NCDC Trust, and previously I&B. He shared money between them. Tax money is only supposed to go to the NCDC Trust, but Antonio does not count how much tax money he receives, which means all companies he runs have access to all tax money.” That is what Gavin said in his rant, but this is false. He just said it hoping people would believe him, but if you look at I&B, it is flat broke, and even then, the 1.11 dollars we received was so little money, it would have paid for 1% of 8.3% of 50% of our company’s yearly costs. So, the entire point on taxes is not only a lie, but it is making a very large deal, of something with no effect. To his next point, I do see public works as NCDC Builds, for both legal and realistic reasons, but in no attempt to make a profit. The legal reasons are that it is illegal to destroy or build on a public work, but if we didn’t own it, then it would be Government-Owned, and therefore anyone could do anything with it? It’s also logical to say that our public works (apart from farms) are for public consumption, but not publically owned. If you look at all the things, the NCDC has done, most of them were public farms, gardens, city lighting, or fixing every unclaimed creeper hole in the city. Instead, people chose to complain, about our buildings. First of all, the NCDC has made no profit from any of its public works, but if you have any idea how we could do that Gavin, please tell us. Thanks to you, we might lose revenue soon. Not to mention, that a CrazyCo member recently tried to sabotage my company, by blaming a very serious offense partially on Jason. This almost led to him getting fired before we were able to clear up the situation. Anyway, let me now explain the purpose of all non-public projects we made. Jason’s skyscraper (the reason he got a bonus in his pay, I did more than say Nice Job) serves as rental rooms, where anyone can rent a floor, and use it as a home, an office, or anything else. The “wrench” is technically a building testing facility, for prototype designs. Just because it hasn’t been used yet, does not allow Henry (and maybe Michael), to go and grief it, by blocking the elevator and smashing a hole in the wall. The new building I am currently making is our HeadQuarters, which is not shady, it’s just a building. You are finding it surprising that a development company, develops. Anyway, as you can see, we have no way of profiting from public works, and if we did, the money would come from citizens, and the last time the citizens were forced to pay us, it was taxes, a system I personally abolished, and a system that Gavin is trying to bring back. Also, to his point of it taking tons of money to rent out the fairgrounds, that is because we have very little sources of revenue. I abolished taxes, and yet I am still bullied about it, I stopped cheating in money, and yet I am still bullied for it, and now, now that I only have donations (donations which no one gives us) and fundraisers, you criticize me for pricing them high. Not to mention the fact that everyone who plays on the server enough to organize such an event is part of a big company with enough money to pay. Notice on /baltop that there are the top 6 or 7, who all have over 500 dollars, and everyone else, who has almost nothing. This proves that people who play more have enough money to rent out the fairgrounds. And now, to Gavin’s final point: We pretend to be a good company. I am going to refute this point by asking a couple of questions.

  1. Which company eliminated all creeper holes in the city that were unclaimed?

  2. Which company built every public farm, making it so people have free food?

  3. Which company lit up the city, making mob overcrowding a thing of the past?

  4. Which company built the City Council meeting room for free?

  5. Out of the two real payments that NCDC received, did they total over 50 dollars?

  6. Which company built both public gardens, Grand Bazaar, and the first public park?

  7. Out of all of these builds, did the NCDC make a cent?
I think the answers are pretty clear, and I hope this rant clears up some misunderstandings. This company is all in good faith. We are trying to make the city better, but as long as we manage to do good, and make almost nothing from it, there will always be people who cannot fathom the possibility of doing things completely for good, and everything they say must be met with logic, reason, and facts. And maybe, just maybe, they may be convinced of our good faith.
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