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Important How to Report a Rule breaker

Discussion in 'Ban Report' started by Speentie8081, May 2, 2018.

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  1. Speentie8081

    Speentie8081 Administrator Staff Member

    If you are reading this thread then you most likely want to report a misbehaving player.
    For action to be taken against the player, there needs to be following in your report.
    1. What is your in game username?
    2. Who are you accusing of breaking the rules?
    3. Sufficient evidence (i.e. video proof)?
    4. What led up to this happening?
    5. Was anyone with the rule breaker at the time?
    6. Approximately when did this incident occur?
    7. Did anyone else witness this person breaking the rules?
    Please copy the format above into your own thread to start writing your report.
    Make sure you answer each question thoroughly in your report.
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