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    Hello, I am danielpmc (but people irl call me Dan).
    I have hosted many minecraft servers for years, last year i closed my minecraft network and quit minecraft a few months after that i joined this server to have some fun!
    I am a developer of a discord bot named DanBot. it can do automoderation, music, fun commands and much more!

    I joined because:
    When i first joined i wanted to test everything possible to find bugs and grief the server (i did a bit of grief on creative but not much.)

    I'm still playing because:
    I want to be the best on prison :)

    Why i wanted to grief:
    Every few months i like to go around server lists and find cracked servers, after that i then aim to find the owners password (On AuthMe) if i find it i grief (World edit) but if i cant and there are other ways to grief i will. its fun!

    Some servers i owned:
    Reactpvp (shut 2years ago)
    Vadalus Network (shut less than 1year ago)
    Ecotropolis Network (shut a few months ago)
    A few more but i cant remember the names.

    Some plugins iv coded:

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