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    Hello, my name is Devon and I am the owner and founder of this network. I have been running this server for 6 years now, and I am proud to say that I will continue running it for years to come. Aside from that, I have been in the IT field repairing computers and programming software for 7 years now. I also ride back and forth from work every day on bicycle, to save tens of thousands of dollars a year not having to drive a car. I work at Brian Reece Bike Elves in Beloit, Wisconsin as well as Family Respite Care Services of Rock County, Wisconsin. I offer paid development for spigot plugins for a very low price, and free bicycle service on site. I've also been on the news advertising my virtual public charter school Wisconsin Destinations Career Academy after being requested to by multiple people in the district. Recently I have been making a lot more money and have been buying a lot of newer equipment for the server, as well as a battery backup in case the power ever goes out. I'm proud to be here to assist you in case you ever need anything.

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