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Approved GemStone166's Head Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by GemStone166, Sep 22, 2018.

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  1. GemStone166

    GemStone166 Moderator Staff Member

    1. What staff rank are you applying for? Head moderator.
    2. What is your in game username on the server? GemStone166
    3. How long have you been playing minecraft? 7 years.
    4. What is your form of communication outside of the server? Discord. GemStone166#9764
    5. Have you met the minimum playtime requirement? Yes I have.
    6. What are your talents that can benefit the server? I have a lot of experience building great maps on minecraft, and I have previously been very helpful as helper on the server for several years now.
    7. What would you do if someone came on and started hacking? Depending on the severity of the situation I may or may not warn them on the spot or keep watch on them noting down the hacks they are using for a ban report and wait for a higher level staff member to assess the situation.
    8. If you found out there was a bug that a player was exploiting, how would you handle it? If the bug affected other players I would blacklist them from the server temporarily until the bug has been resolved, then after allowing them back on i'd give the player a warning so it's on record. If it didn't affect other players i'd notify the developer of the bug immediately, and let the player know what the issue is being looked into.
    9. What is your reason for becoming staff on the server? In my opinion I have been a great addition to the server is past years and during the revival of the server I feel I could make this server enjoyable to play on just like it was a year ago. I love helping out others and I could help out other staff with issues on the server. I have past experience moderating and I know what hacks look like and the names of most of them so I can make a detailed ban report of hackers on the server.
    10. On a scale of one through ten how mature are you? 9
    11. How many hours can you play during a week? 14 hours
    12. Do you have a premium rank on the server from donating? No.
  2. Kolli40000xXx

    Kolli40000xXx Moderator Staff Member

    Hello GemStone166, your application has been accepted. You are now a part of the staff team. Stay safe. <3
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