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  1. danielpmc

    danielpmc Moderator

    Q: What is your in-game username?
    A: danielpmc

    Q: What rank are you applying for in this application?
    A: Admin and/or Developer

    Q: How old are you (type n/a to not share)?
    A: 17

    Q: What time zone do you live in?
    A: (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time

    Q: How much time during the week will you be able to dedicate?
    A: Depends on the circumstances. I am very busy with a lot of other projects right now considering that I run my own server and I have to maintain several popular discord bots. Lately I have been able to maintain a very good playtime per week on the server though, and if I can keep that up then that would mean about 20-24 hours per week. This may differ depending on what comes up, but I shouldn't ever fall below the minimum playtime requirement.

    Q: What is your primary form of communication (incl. contact deets)?
    A: Discord
    You've been gnomed#2815

    Q: Do you speak other languages? If so, what languages?
    A: I speak fluent British English, so I could be very helpful on the server in that respect.

    Q: What past experience do you have at being a staff member?
    A: I have personally owned many servers over the last few years so I have experience as a server administrator, as well as Moderator on one server in which I help many people every day. I have several years of experience as a server administrator, so I shouldn't have any problem being administrator on this server.

    Q: What skills do you have that would benefit the server (i.e. Java, UNIX, etc.)?
    A: I have several talents that would benefit the server, such as java, html, php, javascript, python, unix, and knowledge of countless exploits that people abuse on servers. :) I do feel I would make a very good developer if I was ever handed the position, I work very good in a team and I am interested in helping with the original projects you have here on the server. I could be of great help when it comes to your discord bot and making it as secure as possible, etc.

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