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In Progress A Long-Term Suggestion to Improve Minor Details


New Member
Jul 12, 2019
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  • Feed: Please add 0.6 or 1.2 saturation to feed command. This makes the command much more useful. Another option would be to have a chart of money paid and saturation. For example, Donator gets 0.2, Redstone gets 0.6, Obby gets 1.2, and Bedrock gets 1.6.
  • Fly: Please make it so when you relog, fly is still activated so you don't die. Also, if you are flying and leave the claim, can you make it so you don't take damage upon leaving the claim, but take damage all drops after that.
  • Transport: Please make it so the 4 empty slots next to armor and left hand in transport inventory are filled with glass panes, so that the items do not disappear if accidentally placed there. Don't allow for shulker box transport, as this allows the transport of diamonds, gold, iron, and emeralds.
  • Please combine skyblock and factions shop into the same shop (i.e. all mutually exclusive items should be brought to both minigames).
  • Please make a separate dye, enchant, and spawner shop. /dyeshop, /enchantshop, and /spawnershop are suggestions for the commands. These shops (in both factions and skyblock) would have ALL dyes, ALL enchanting books, and ALL spawners (apart from any spawners or books that would be too op, like ghasts).
  • Please expand the survival world border to make it 10000 by 10000.
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