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Server Modifications

Our minecraft server has a lot of vanilla server-side mods coded for it.

For those who would like to take advantage of these mods, we made this page.

There are lots of modifications we have made to our minecraft server to make minecraft more fun.

Here are some of the most notable modifcations we have made to our minecraft server.

  1. Custom item called End Portal, when right clicked it teleports you to the End.
  2. When left clicking with the so called End Portal, a free ender pearl gets shot out.
  3. Iron golems do not drop poppies unless killed by a player.
  4. Iron golems die approximately eight times faster in a lava-based grinder.
  5. Skeletons do not drop arrows unless killed by a player.
  6. In the End, the elytra takes on some custom mechanics, to allow for upward flight.
  7. In the overworld on Skyblock, the elytra takes on the same custom mechanics, to allow for upward flight.
  8. You can uncraft fully repaired armor and tools (useful for uncrafting End City loot, etc.).
  9. When right clicking with gunpowder, you will be launched in the way you are looking.
  10. To craft explosive gunpowder you can put four gunpowder in a square pattern in the crafting table.
  11. When right clicking with explosive gunpowder, you'll explode the location of launch, and launch in the direction you're facing.

Newer addition! It is now possible to upgrade monster spawners through a graphical user interface.

To access this graphical user interface to select or purchase upgrades for the spawner, just right click the spawner.

How to clone a sign shop on the server?

As of December 2017, we have made it possible to clone a shop on the server.

  1. To start off cloning a sign shop, go to where the shop is that you want to clone.
  2. Then after your there, just shift click the sign shop with an empty hand.
  3. It will tell you the code required to clone the shop in chat and on screen.
  4. Then go to the location in which you want to create the sign shop clone.

    It's worth noting that the location must be in the same world as the sign shop your cloning.

  5. Then start typing a sign with "[Shop]" being on line 1, and the code you were provided on line 2.

    You can type whatever you want on the remaining 2 lines, line 3 and 4, it will auto complete with quotes.

    In this example, an iron sell shop on skyblock was used for cloning; note a maximum of 14 chars on each line.

  6. Now you have your very own shop at the location of your choice to mimic the one you copied.

Custom crafting recipes

Aside from being able to uncraft full durability diamond, gold, and iron armor and tools..

We have many other custom crafting recipes that may interest you.

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