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Regarding only the survival minigame staying private

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It has become clear that Nexus City wishes to remain private in its own right, and that the server needs to go public to stay afloat. To solve this, I came up with a solution on my own terms. This is, of course, a scoped whitelist where the whitelist only affects a specific minigame and allows anyone to connect to any of the other minigames. This works out and the server is now public and cracked once again, whilst still supporting skins and premium login bypass. This should not only bring back up the player base of the server, especially now that we have a solid translation backend for foreigners and a vote tracker and notifier, but also bring in the revenue we need to keep this server alive for years to come. I believe that this server has a chance, even today, but it will take some time and the word needs to get out. If we can all band together, we can make this a viable community once again just like it was years ago.

Regarding the integration of Patreon with the server

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SkorrloreGaming Network is and has always been a family friendly community Minecraft server that has been open for the public to not only contribute to but express their own ideas as well. As the server has progressed over the years it has become apparent that running the server without any donor ranks is not going to work in the long run, especially with select players becoming very eager to support the server on a financial level. As a patron you will not only have priority say in some new features on the server, but you will also be credited as a supporter receiving special recognition in the wake of it. Patrons not only help the server grow by letting us add more mini-games and invest in the plugins you all love, but also help the server stay afloat as times get rough. Patrons will always be provided updates on our community discord server about where their contributions are being used and benefiting the server.


Regarding the prospect of the server going private

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As you may know, there are constantly people joining and either trolling staff or straight up causing havoc on the server that otherwise would not be. This is not an issue and can be easily dealt with but it becomes worse when they interfere with the existing player base and make them uncomfortable. I have received several emails over the years from parents complaining that their kids have been exposed to very rude people on our server and they immediately pull their kids from the server never to be seen again. This has been a huge issue lately as more and more very inappropriate people keep joining. It has been brought to my attention that it has been over 12 months since anyone has joined and stayed, and with that said we have a large player base of long-time players that would never leave if they had the chance. All the new players that have joined in the last 12 months have either quit within 15 minutes of trolling or hacking or stayed for a few days and never settled in, and...

Tapatalk has crash landed and has taken over the forum!

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It has occurred to me that up until this point we have had no good way to interact with the forum from our mobile devices. This is a big problem because that means that we are not able to respond in good time to replies to our threads, or not at all even if you don't have email notifications set up. I have taken this into my own hands and decided to link our forum with Tapatalk and create a dedicated group in order for us to read/write to the forum on the go. Simply search for it on Tapatalk and follow the group, logging in with the username and password you specified when you registered for the forums. Then go to the forums you want to get push notifications for, and enable push to feed. This is revolutionary for the server because now we can have an active forum once again, and people won't have to deal with the clunky mobile website when you can do everything from Tapatalk.

Ah! 1.7 support has been added back to the network

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Yes, you heard me correctly. I have took it upon myself to roll out 1.7 support once again to the whole network, after multiple developers have implemented fixes in their plugins that adds back support for legacy clients. You can now play mini-games like prison on 1.7 to achieve much higher frame rates then you could ever dream of in 1.8 and above. I have also implemented some performance fixes for the trees plugin on prison, allowing synchronous instead of asynchronous chunk read without hindering performance, this fixes common crashes we have been experiencing lately. It is not all good news though, I also want to stress that I will be dropping support for 1.8 on the network very shortly, because of just how unstable it is compared to any other Minecraft version. Everyone has had a bad experience on the server when playing on 1.8, and it is for this reason that I am planning on dropping support for it by the end of the month. If I do not drop support completely, there will be a...

We've introduced Prison back on the network once again!

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The moment we've all been waiting for; Prison has finally returned to our beloved network. It was removed a couple years ago due to complications involving lack of server resources and not having enough active builders to make for a decent prison mini-game at the time. However, now the server has been revived and we now have a decent active player base once again, prison has finally been re-imagined better then ever before on our network. We've got different mines A-Z and 5 prestige levels, along with a custom spawn and pvp arena. Not to mention, a full rewrite of the inefficient and outdated ElementalTrees plugin, one suited for tens of thousands of trees with no server lag. I personally invite you to come and try our brand new prison mini-game, and build tree farms to the sky, racing your friends to rank Z along the way! It is an experience you would never want to miss, you can stack layers upon layers of trees and never run out of money, using auto sell to fully automate your...

Server is now integrated tightly with our discord server

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After many ban evasions using our discord server, I have taken it upon myself to enhance security on the server by linking warnings, bans, chat, anti-swear, etc. with our discord server. In order to do anything on the discord server, you are now required to link your discord id with your minecraft account using a code given to you in game. That way if you ever evade with a proxy, or get banned from the server, you can no longer do anything on the discord server. This prevents people who are banned from harassing staff and the person who reported them, through the discord server of all things. You can thank this enhanced security partially for danielpmc who took advantage of the system on multiple occasions which directly influenced the enhanced security measures you see today.

Server is migrating to Redis pub/sub for server-wide chat

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As we begin the long migration away from per world mini-games to per server mini-games, something needs to be done about chat. You see, if you have players on different servers, chat is normally not synced between the two. After much experimentation, I've decided that the best solution to this problem would be a pub/sub system that doesn't involve sql of any sort. First I tried using plugin messaging channels, but that didn't work out so well considering a player needed to be online at both ends for it to work as expected. I realize now that the most reliable and large-scale pub/sub system would be Redis, and I have begun migrating everything over to that. So far it's working very reliably and has no sign of messing up in the near future. It's even async so it doesn't interfere with gameplay, so that's a big plus in my eyes. What this means to all of you guys, is that you will be able to see what your friend is saying in one server as you are in another, making it a much more...

Server is going through major redesign and internal changes

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As of January 18th, expect an entire new atmosphere on the server, as I am doing a full redesign of the network and making it not so archaic. Yes, I know this is out of the blue, but follow me here. The server hasn't been changed much since two years ago, during which Hlal and ItzzSep made major builds for the server which attracted many players. Since then, the philosophy of what is a good minecraft server and one that's modern has drastically changed, and we need to adjust to the new standards. I have personally seen people come on to our once very futuristic and professional looking server, and shutting us down for it not being up to today's standards. This is what has motivated me recently to do some drastic redesign work on the server, and you will begin seeing some much newer designs implemented throughout. I am also doing some major internal changes because the way I have been doing it for a few years now hasn't been working. You see, I have been way too lenient with staff...

Server once again migrating from phpBB to XenForo

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Due to the influx of complaints from players on the server about the design of our previous forum, I have taken it upon myself to put down a lot of money into a professional forum for our network. You will begin seeing the same things you saw posted before, but this time reposted on our new forum. One of the best new features you will notice is that you will finally be able to properly embed youtube and vimeo videos inside your ban reports, so now your reports will look professional once again just like they did last time we had XenForo as our forum software for the server.
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